Access to European in situ Plant Genetic Resources

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Improving access to in situ PGR

Improving access to in situ PGR is a challenge due to various factors. This website will try to make a step towards improving the situation.

There are a number of reasons why access to in situ conserved PGR is often difficult. An analysis of this issue was made, and the results are presented at the end of this page.

Many of the bottlenecks identified in the analysis could be taken away if proper information is shared. This concerns information about:
• the diversity that is conserved: 'what is conserved where?'
• the value of conserved populations: 'what can you do with it?'
• availability for utilization: 'how to get access, where to go to, and who to approach?'
• the conditions under which the material can be obtained. 

This website

The website currently provides the answers for these questions for Turkey and the Netherlands, as a proof of concept. This list can be extended in future.

Furthermore, background information is provided about international agreements and phytosanitary issues related to PGR exchange. 

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